Facebook’s Redesigned Messenger Layout is Now Being Rolled Out to Some Users.

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Facebook’s Redesigned Messenger Layout is Now Being Rolled Out to Some Users.

October 20, 2018 Misc Reviews Mobile and Laptops 0
Facebook's Redesigned Messenger

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking forums. It has always been working for the upgrading addition and better options for its users. Previously it showed off a new look for its messenger at the annual conference of Facebook. The new look provides numbers of new additions and options making it a useful experience for its users.

Facebook’s Messenger update preview!

People wondered if Facebook’s messenger has changed really because it seemed that nothing happened, but it did. When users opened their app they saw new, sleek update and it was refreshing.

New Messenger layout!

This is reported by Android police that Tipsters says that the new layout of the messenger appeared on their devices without an update. Just with a server change, it was all different. Only three bars are left on the bottom bar, with a camera and the new chat button is moved to the top right. Some extra features have been moved to the third explore tab.

As Facebook’s aim is to simplify the app, it’s messenger now looks completely different. It is kept in view that what will be the response of the users, how wider rollout will be received, will it surely be interesting enough, and keeping in mind the variance regarding its function and presentation.

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Facebook has aimed to make messenger a more functional tool for business, but the question is that Is it successful in this aim? If yes, then to which extent? Sadly, Facebook expected the step as quite energetic and transformative, but it failed the very mission. The reason behind is that making the app harder to find tools never make it simple and attractive for users. It lost the revenue potential as well.

It is observed that users are not happy with the updated edition of the Messenger as they previously were. They find it more complicated and reserved. It is also felt that people have switched off from messenger since the update has been launched. This is non-favorable for the company and it must not be ignored.

Facebook’s news feed has enough space for opportunities like sharing ads and contents and users oblige it but in case of new messenger layout, there is no extra room for such sort of activities and tasks. There is no doubt that Mark Zuckerberg and his co-workers are hoping for the good about their working on ads effectiveness, spacing, and creativity. This will create a high exposure as well. Beside all these steps and efforts there is still much more to be focused. Facebook & Instagram¬†are also looking forward to better layouts in the future as they might be waiting for a rollout. Facebook will obviously test it thoroughly before sending it out.

Presently, according to the Android Police, the update cannot be taken manually.

This is a server-side rollout and can’t be forced to show you up by downloading or by any other way. All you can do for now is to keep waiting.

Because maybe the new layout is coming soon hopefully or maybe this is not so. You will be updated as the new info will be here. So, hope for the good and wait.