Exciting Things to Do and See in Casablanca

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Exciting Things to Do and See in Casablanca

August 14, 2019 Travel Reviews 0

Casablanca is the most westernized city in Morocco. It is a crowded economic capital that has nothing much to see. People who visit Morocco think that it is an industrial town and an important port in the region so there is nothing worth visiting. So, they avoid visiting Casablanca.

What they don’t know is that there are a few places that are worth visiting. If you are in Morocco for traveling, then you should find at least a night to visit Casablanca. As a matter of fact, Casablanca is a delightful city to wander around. It is a place steeped in history and mystique. So, it is a must-visit city in Morocco.

What can you do in Casablanca?

When it comes to traveling people want to go to the places that have loads of things to do. In simple words, the tourists’ attractions are what that convince people to visit a city or a country. Casablanca is, without any doubt, the economic capital of Morocco, and many travelers believe that there is nothing exotic to see. The city is indeed an important port in the region, but it is also a fact that there are a few places in the city that are worth visiting. Let’s check out what those places are:

  • King’s Palace:

The royal places have always been attractive to visitors. It is always interesting to see the royal palaces and see how they used to live as rulers. If you are in Morocco and thinking to visit Casablanca and don’t know where to go first then visit the King’s palace in Casablanca.

The King of Morocco had a palace in almost every city, and he could have slept in a different bed every night. Though the visitors are not allowed to the interior; however, they can see and admire the palace from a large open square at the front. The castle is located near the city’s new Medina.

  • La Sqala Café Maure:

When it comes to traveling, you can’t ignore the restaurants nestled in the place you are planning to visit. La Sqala Café Maure is the traditional Moroccan restaurant that is housed in a building of the 18th century. The restaurant is quite famous among travelers and has a superb reputation. It is located in the ramparts of Casablanca’s famous Medina. The restaurant has a Andalusian garden that has beautiful fountains. You can relish your food sitting in the beautiful garden of the café as there are outdoor tables for the customers as well.

  • Venezia Ice:

Who does not love ice cream? You are in Casablanca and have not tried the Venezia Ice cream yet then you have not completed your visit. It can get really hot in Casablanca so visit Venezia Ice where you can have a mouthwatering rich and tangy ice cream. It would be a great feeling to see the ocean and watch people while eating pastries, ice cream, and smoothies. If you are in Morocco, then do not miss the delicious ice cream at Venezia Ice.

  • Parc de la Ligue Arabe:

It is the city’s most significant open green space. It is the best place to get relaxed and enjoy sitting outdoor. There are small cafés where you can find refreshments (snacks and drinks). Walking on the trails in the Parc de la Ligue Arabe will be relaxing for you. So, if you have enough time, then visit the place at least once. It will worth finding time to visit Parc de la Ligue Arabe.

  • Hassan II Mosque:

Hassan II Mosque is one of the biggest mosques in the world. It is a place you should not miss when you are in Casablanca. The architecture of this mosque is inspired by the Zellige. Hassan II Mosque has the tallest minarets in the world. Never miss the place when you are in Casablanca. The mosque has the place for almost 100,000 worshippers. The non-Muslims are also permitted to visit the mosque but on the guided tours. These guided tours take place several times a day. Tourists are not allowed Hassan II Mosque to visit the mosque on Fridays.

Why visit Casablanca?

The tourists want to visit the places that have a glorious history and various tourists’ attractions. They love to visit the sites with beaches, oceans, historical buildings and of course, restaurants and shopping malls. Somehow it the tours feel incomplete when you don’t go for shopping.

Casablanca may not have a lot of tourist’s attractions, but it is getting famous for shopping. Morocco mall is, in fact, one of the biggest malls in Africa. It would not be wrong, saying that it is a temple of leisure and shopping. You can shop, have dinner and make your tour to Casablanca memorable. Be it the traditional Moroccan stuff or modern items you will find everything in Morocco.