Pressure Washer Pump

We all understand pressure washers square measure essential items of apparatus for out of doors jobs massive and tiny, however, have you ever thought of however they function? Several pressure washer elements conjure this tool together with the wand, engine and spray nozzles. Not amazingly, one in all the first necessary element of a pressure washer is that the element that makes the pressure: The pump.


Think of the pump such as you would a manual ground-water pump that you simply pump up associated right down to draw water out of a well – solely a pressure washer pump operates at a far higher speed than your arms will because it is driven by an engine.


Powered by the engine, the pump attracts within the water that’s coming back from the associate connected water supply (usually a hose connected to your homes outside water spigot). If you’ve got a pressure washer with a detergent tank or detergent supply route, the pump will combine the water and soap along once properly connected.


Once the pump attracts within the water or water & detergent combine, the engine then helps force the water out of the different aspect of the pump, making a hard-hitting stream. Most gas-powered engine pressure washers feature pumps that square measure designed to handle a water flow of between a pair of and four gallons per minute. Briggs & Stratton Pressure Washers with proprietary power flow  pump technology will handle up to five gallons per minute in high flow mode.


The high-pressure water or water & detergent combine travels through the high hose, through the gun, and out of the nozzle or attachment that’s affixed to the gun. The slender openings on the nozzles facilitate increase the pressure of the water flowing out of the gun. The narrower the nose, the upper the pressure. The hard-hitting of the jet not solely clean completely however it conjointly suggests that you’re consumption to 80% less water than if you used a standard hosepipe.


To keep your pump and pressure washer in high condition, the water system – sometimes from the surface spigot on your home – should be adequate for the machine connected to that. The pump will not draw additional water from its water supply than the supply can give. Attempting to draw water that’s not out there is termed water starvation and might cause injury of the pump components.


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